with 6000 sq ft
Training Facility
with 2000 sq ft
Yoga Studio
with 1000 sq ft

Our Space Includes:

8 Squat Racks
Bumper Plates
Dumbbells 5-100lbs
Kettlebells 12kg-48kg
Battle Ropes
Dynamax Med Balls 8-24lbs
Resistance Bands
Assbandz (Glute resining)
Plyo boxes / Foam Boxes
8 Muay Thai Bags
TRX Straps
6 Bosu Balls
Landmine Plates
Agility Equipment
Padded Artifical turf
Mirrors throughout 
2000 sq ft Private Training Space
3 Squat Racks
Bumper Plates
Dumbells 5-100lbs
Kettlebells 12kg-32kg
Resistance Bands
Assbandz (glute training)
2 sleds
Padded Artifical Turf
Trx straps
2 adjustable benches
Mirrors throughout
Coffee shop (coming soon)

Clean & open to all members


Triple Protection with PUREcleaning System

We are using Maid Brigade, a revolutionary system that cleans, disinfects and protects our gym from COVID and other harmful agents.


A multi-surface cleaner is used, which is an electrolyzed water solution that cuts grease and lifts residue. It also provides a more effective and "green" clean, making the environment as pure as possible. When this cleaner touches dirt, germs and bacteria it breaks them into small particles that microfiber clothes and mops can now remove. 


A hospital grade disinfectant and electrostatic spray technology is used. The disinfectant is positively charged into a fine mist, which can adhere to curved and flat surfaces so that everything is disinfected. The disinfectant kills viruses, bacteria and mold & mildew as well as neutralizes odors.  


A biostatic protective layer is applied to our surfaces. It is supposed to inhibit growth of microorganisms and act as an active antimicrobial barrier that is active for up to 90 days. It only needs to be reapplied every 2-3 months. 

COVID Protected

Workout with peace of mind knowing that our facility is clean and safe. All you have to do is show up!

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