Our classes are designed to work synergistically together so that you can create your own Blueprint for success. By taking advantage of all that we have to offer with your membership, you can essentially design your own program (with the help of our fitness professionals, of course) that will fit your schedule and your specific needs.

All memberships include ALL ACCESS to everything we have to offer at the gym, including all workouts and discounted personal training sessions.

BLUESTRENGTH: Our BlueStrength class is an excellent complement to the BlueFit class.  It focuses on increasing functional strength and power output. It is also essential for injury prevention and improved body composition (body-fat to lean mass ratio).  Strong is the new sexy and our BlueStrength will help you build the body that you’ve always wanted.

BLUEFIT: Our BlueFit class is a high-energy circuit class that is designed to get your metabolism sprinting!  It is a great class for all stages of fitness as we are careful to tailor each exercise according to the individual’s fitness level. The magic is in the atmosphere of the class. You will be surrounded by positive like-minded people that are encouraging and want to see you succeed.

BA$$: Prepare for a superior posterior sculpt. Strengthen your hottest asset with essential conditioning moves re-imagined in a variety of sequences and equipment that alternates weight lifting with body resistance, mixing moves like glute bridges, squats, deadlifts, and band exercises to keep you constantly challenged. Your squad drives you onward. Your coach tests your technique. Walk in fierce and walk out fearless. Perfect for all fitness levels.

BLUE RIP: Blue Rip is a combination of our BlueStrength and BlueFIT classes. It brings the best of both worlds! This class is a Strength and Cardio hybrid class that will get your Heart Rate to the sky while strengthening and toning your muscles so you can look and feel your best! This is a fan favorite!

YOGA: Here at the Blueprint, we've taken the ancient practice of Yoga and adapted it for the modern American lifestyle. With our members and athletes in mind, our classes provide a unique community experience that emphasizes Asana (movement) and pranayama (breathe work), while incorporating innovative mobility techniques proven to strengthen joints and mitigate injuries.

KINSTRETCH: Our yoga teacher, Jay, is hosting a “New Mobility Class” weekly from 6:45PM-7:45PM. Open to all members. Space will be limited to ensure quality guidance and sign up will be required through MindBody.