Membership Packages

Platinum Unlimited Membership: $199/mo (Less than $7/class)

Gold Membership: $175/mo (8 BPLA classes per month)

Sliver Membership: $125/mo  (4 BPLA classes per month)

MONTH-TO-MONTH: $275/month


*Beginning September 1st

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Platinum Unlimited Membership Includes:

• Unlimited group classes

• Quarterly progress meetings with a coach

• Accountability coaching

• Unlimited access to INBODY scanner

• One free Personal Training Session

• BPLA nutrition guide

Unlimited Small Group Fitness Classes​

All classes at BPLA are designed to work synergistically together to help you create your own Blueprint for success. Members can book in advance unlimited classes each week.

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Quarterly Progress Meetings with Coaches

Coaching for members begins before you even hit the training floor. All members begin their Blueprint journey with a Goal Setting Strategy Session, followed by quarterly progress meetings with coaches to review progress, realign goals, and celebrate successes.

Meet our trainers

Stay on track with accountability coaching and frequent check-ins with BPLA coaches. Members have the opportunity to connect personally with coaches to realign goals, strategize, and stay motivated.

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Unlimited Access to INBODY Scanner

Members have access to regular INBODY scans to track progress. Each scan measures weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, and calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate. Data from scans are used to set, adjust, and achieve fitness goals. Each scan takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and are done prior to class for the most accurate results. Please schedule an appointment to use the INBODY scanner in your first week at BPLA.

All Access to Gym Amenities

Supplement group classes with free access to our open gym hours. Our facility includes equipment for cardio, strength, and weight training, and more. Complete with a yoga studio, showers, workspace, and gym shop BPLA will become your second home. 

* Open gym hours + BPLA Yoga are not currently offered

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Detailed Nutrition Plans

Members receive detailed nutrition plans designed by our certified fitness professionals for healthy, balanced eating. Plans are tailored to specific needs and goals including weight loss, toning, and building muscle. 

BPLA offers a way to track your heart rate

Many of our members choose to purchase a MyZone heart rate tracker. MyZone is an innovative wearable system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity with 99.4% accuracy. By tracking heart rate, calories burned, and exercise duration, MyZone converts data to MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) to reward effort for each workout. It is the perfect fitness tracking software to quantify the 500-1000 calories burned in each class. 

Class Packages

10 CLASS PACK: $350

20 CLASS PACK: $600