The Blueprint LA is the future of fitness. Our goal is to change not only the lives of our members, but also the lives of our Franchisees. Investing in a Blueprint franchise means you will positively impact your hometown/community through fitness, and joining forces with the Blueprint movement means you will play a role in creating a global connection through fitness.

Our tried and true, turnkey business model is structured around excellence and ease, providing Franchisees with unwavering support and steadfast commitment from their Franchisor team, while opening the door to infinite opportunity.

Investing in a Blueprint franchise exceeds a transactional exchange. When you invest in a Blueprint franchise, you invest in a movement; a dynamic partnership that recognizes your Power To Dream Big. Are you ready to elevate?

10 Things That Makes BPLA Unique

We build a tribe among our members and a tribe among our coaches and employees. We embrace our core values as leaders and colleagues in the same way those core values drive our services to members.

Here at BPLA, we are all about personalization. We understand that the road to heath and wellness can be a daunting one, which is why we make it a priority to come up with a game plan that fits each member and their life.

The culure, community and connection we offer our members is unlike anything they can get at another fitness facility. We see our memberd as individuals, and we are invested in their overall wellness.

Every class we offer is a show for our members, and we bring our best. We pride ourselves on hyping our members up when they arrive and cheering them on as they leave.

The BPLA crew loves looking at our pristine facility. We take pride in having a clean and safe facility and appreciate the professional cleanings that we do every two weeks.

When the number of members attending class requires a second set of eyes and skills, we have a co-coach there to support members and make sure everyone has access to the information they need to succeed.

All BPLA coaches are PT Certified as well as put through an extensive BPLA coaching program, including weekly meetings and bi-weekly coaches sessions.

If there is one thing that BPLA takes more seriously than programming, it's our curated playlists. The BPLA crew takes time each week to make sure we're bringing the newest bangers each class.

At BPLA, we are firm believers in active coaching. Our coaches are not on their phones or distracted during class. THey are solely focused on the members in front of them and pushing those members to their personal best.

BPLA loves connecting with our members. From using the InBody machine for initial goal setting sessions to meeting quarterly with our members to redefine goals, the BPLA team is always working hard to keep members on a path to success.

What does it mean to invest in a franchise that's already got it down?

Investing in a franchise that’s already got it down means success is the only option. Growth is guaranteed. We’ve taken care of the dirty work and we’re ready to help our Franchisees shine.

Imagine a Training Center for all.

A place of positivity filled with love and no egos… A training center that takes a workout and creates global connection. It unites all races, ages, countries, and backgrounds. The training taught there empowers us to live life at the highest level. Not only do they teach us how to optimize our Body, Mind, Spirit but to also go against the status quo and live the life we want to live regardless of what the world tells us. At this Training Center, members are taught to Dream Big, Spread health & Positivity while living life with passion that is backed with purpose. This training center reinvents the gym nature and understands that together, we are stronger. A place of like minded individuals all on a mission to reach a common goal. In a world that is always changing, this team always finds a way to stay ahead of the curve with a dynamic approach to serve at the highest of levels. There is no destination on your mind because you are too focused on enjoying the journey. It's a ride you never want to end. This training center brings the world's best Coaches and spreads its light with knowledge, passion, and purpose to every corner of the earth.


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franchise candidate requirements

Only serious candidates interested in becoming a stakeholder in a strong, rapidly expanding, elite fitness brand. Must be able to provide required capital, and dedicated studio management support, while following an ever-evolving cutting-edge system:
-Individual or group investors with solid entrepreneur experience
-Owner/Operator, engage with your team daily – helping to drive the business and building community in your studio – NO ABSENTEE OWNERSHIP
-$350K liquid capital with $1M net worth



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