Franchise Related

general overview

Who is the Blueprint?

How does a franchise work?

Why should I invest in a franchise?

What are the benefits of becoming a franchise owner?

Cost and Investment

How much is The Blueprint LA franchise fee?

What do I need to open a franchise?

When I buy a Blueprint franchise, do I own it?

Can I be a passive owner?

Do I get a discount if I purchase multiple territories?

How big of a territory do I get? Are all Blueprint franchises the same size?

Can I purchase a Blueprint franchise in a state where I do not live?

Does The Blueprint LA offer financing?

What are the plans for Blueprint in the future?

Research and Qualifications

How do I know The Blueprint LA franchise is right for me?

What qualities do good franchisee candidates possess?

Do I need a degree to open and own a Blueprint franchise?

Do I have to be rich to open a Blueprint franchise?

What types of training and support are available to a Blueprint franchisee?

As an existing business owner, why should I convert to owning and franchise?

Do I need fitness experience to become a Blueprint franchisee?

Training, Staffing Opening

Do you help with hiring trainer/managers/etc.?

Do you help with finding leads once the franchise is open?

Will I be provided with training before, during and after the franchising process?

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