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general overview

Who/what is The Blueprint LA?
The Blueprint LA is the future of fitness. Our goal is to change not only the lives of our members, but also the lives of our Franchisees. Investing in a Blueprint franchise means you will positively impact your hometown/community through fitness, and joining forces with the Blueprint movement means you will play a role in creating a global connection through fitness.

Why should I invest in a Blueprint LA franchise?
Our tried and true, turnkey business model is structured around excellence and ease, providing Franchisees with unwavering support and steadfast commitment from their Franchisor team, while opening the door to infinite opportunity. Investing in a franchise that’s already got it down means success is the only option. Franchises are the gift that keeps on giving. By following the steps BPLA provides, you have the chance to become everything you wanted to be and more. BPLA franchises are affordable and rewarding. We’ve taken care of the dirty work and we’re ready to help our Franchisees shine.

What are the benefits of becoming a franchise owner?
Are you looking to expand your potential, create your own schedule, and become your own boss? Franchising is for you! Say goodbye to your desk job, and pursue your passion! With franchising the possibilities are endless! You are in control of your power and your future.

Cost and Investment

What is a franchise fee?
The initial franchise fee is a one-time, upfront amount that a prospective franchisee pays to the franchisor for the rights to acquire a franchise, develop the location and join the franchise system.

How much is The Blueprint LA franchise fee?
The Blueprint LA franchise fee is $50k.

What do I need to open a franchise?
You need the money to pay the franchise fee upfront, as well as an active personal training degree.

When I buy a franchise business, do I own it?
Yes and no. When you purchase a Blueprint LA franchise, you own the rights to market and sell with the Blueprint LA name, you own the space your facility operates at, however, should the franchisors agreement be broken in any way, a franchisee can be stripped of all the above.

Can I be a passive owner?
The Blueprint LA requires new franchisees to work in the field for one-year before becoming a passive owner.

Do I get a discount if I purchase multiple territories?
You do not get discounts for purchasing multiple territories.

How big of a territory do I get? Are all Blueprint franchises the same size?
All Blueprint LA franchises are rectangularly shaped and they are approximately XXX sq. ft – XXX sq. feet in size. Each location has the same equipment, provided by a trusted and valued partner–American Barbell–and provides ample space for each location to run an effective strength program/cardio days.

Can I purchase a Blueprint franchise in a state where I do not live?
Given new franchisees are required to work in the field for their first year of operation, we strongly discourage you open a franchise in a state where you do not live.

Does The Blueprint LA offer financing?
Yes, Blueprint LA offering financing options such as, XXX and XXX

What are the plans for Blueprint in the future?
The Blueprint LA is on a mission to expand around the globe and continue impacting thousands of Franchisees and members. The sky's the limit in the eyes of BPLA.

Research and Qualifications

How do I know The Blueprint LA franchise is right for me?
Are you looking to expand your potential, create your own schedule, and become your own boss? Then, Blueprint LA is for you! Say goodbye to your desk job, and pursue your passion! With franchising the possibilities are endless! You are in control of your power and your future.

Do I need a degree to own a franchise?
You do not need a college degree to own a Blueprint LA franchise, however, you do need an active personal training certification.

Do I have to be rich to open a franchise?
When weighing the costs in the franchise world, opening a Blueprint LA franchise is a reasonable investment. From start to grand opening, the overall cost to open a franchise is approximately $280 – $300k, in addition to the franchise fee. Beyond the grand opening, BPLA has partnerships with equipment, technology and apparel vendors to ensure franchisees get the most bang for their buck.

What types of training and support are available to franchisees?
We feel our franchisees succeed when provided with the utmost support. Before, during and after the franchise process, franchisees have access to Blueprint LA HQ, as well as access to the Blueprint LA franchise app; including training modules, with the capabilities of live streams, to ensure franchisees are supported and set up for success. Confidence comes from preparation.

As an existing business owner, why should I convert to a franchise?
Investing in a Blueprint franchise exceeds a transactional exchange. When you invest in a Blueprint franchise, you invest in a movement; a dynamic partnership that recognizes your Power To Dream Big. Are you ready to elevate?

training, Staffing Opening

Do you help with hiring trainers/managers/etc.?
The Blueprint LA takes coaching very seriously. The quality of a trainer/coach can make or break a class. That is exactly why Franchisees will receive assistance with hiring qualified trainers, general managers and a sales team.

Do you help with finding leads once the franchise is open?
Blueprint LA provides franchises with comprehensive, ongoing sales training, monthly calls, and extensive support/guidance from pre-sale to Grand Opening. In addition, franchisees are provided with a unique marketing plan– including personalized support designed to consistently generate max leads–geared towards effective and profitable sustainability.

Will I be provided with training before, during and after the franchising process?
Franchisees will be provided with pre-opening training at our home office in Torrance, CA. All franchisees will be required to successfully complete the initial training course. The duration of this course is six days (BPLA has the option to increase/decrease the days/hours as needed).Two individuals are allowed to attend and a third may attend if warranted. Training continues with on-site assistance. In conjunction with the opening of your gym, one of our representatives will spend five days at your location. This on-site assistance is designed to help ease the process of getting your Blueprint LA up and running. Following on-site training, franchisees will have access to the Blueprint LA Franchise app including training modules with the capabilities of live streams to ensure franchisees are supported and set up for success.

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