Blueprint L.A. During COVID

Blueprint L.A. During COVID - The Blueprint L.A.

In the current COVID era, many of you might be wondering:

  • How gyms are reopening?
  • How can gyms still be an essential part of our lives?

Let’s talk about COVID and why it’s important to be aware of safety procedures. We must be mindful of the space and distance required between members and coaches. We must also think about disinfecting equipment so it is safe to use.  

Our Method at Blueprint L.A.

At BPLA it’s important to us that our community feels we are the best gym and safest gym for our members to return to.

While we may not be taping 6x6 squares in our facility simply for the optics of safety, The Blueprint LA has partnered with the “Maid Brigade” and using their FDA approved PureClean system. While the treatment may not be visible to the eye, trust us it’s there. 

The system not only cleans and disinfects, it also adds a biostatic protective layer to our surfaces. This layer is supposed to inhibit growth of microorganisms and act as an active antimicrobial barrier that is active for up to 90 days. It only needs to be reapplied every 2-3 months. 

In addition to the initial disinfecting treatment the BPLA staff has been sanitizing each piece of gym equipment each day between classes as well as during our midday session break. This includes kettlebells, cardio equipment, benches, dumbbells, mats, as well power racks. 

The Benefit of our Space

Our large space naturally allows for social distancing and small group classes. 

At BPLA we’re not just about fitness classes, we’re about community, we’re about family, and, most importantly, we are about keeping our members safe.